Irrigation Shreveport, LAThe health of your turf and other landscape plantings largely depends on the efficiency of your irrigation. A properly functioning watering system will encourage proper plant growth and improve the plant's resistance to diseases and infestations. Moreover, a healthy lawn will dramatically reduce your maintenance cost. You will be able to save huge on water consumption, weed control, sod reinstallation, and plant disease treatment. And the best benefit that you can get from lush and healthy landscaping is the aesthetic improvement of your outdoor space.

If you need help in the design, installation or maintenance of your landscape watering system, please call Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC. We have skilled and experienced people, complete resources, and partnerships with leading irrigation suppliers in the country. With our decades of experience in the industry, we have already mastered the different irrigation installation methods and techniques. Our portfolio includes some of the best designed watering systems in the state, particularly in the areas of Shreveport and Bossier City, LA. This means that our installed systems are functioning properly and highly efficient. In addition, we can work on any type of system, whether it is designed for residential or commercial property. Please call (318) 929-5075 today so we can start discussing your requirements.

Drip Irrigation

Since your landscaping is composed of different softscape elements, you must ensure that the right type of irrigation is installed in your landscape. If you have flower gardens, topiary, and ornamental trees, you have to consider installing a drip irrigation system. This type is highly efficient since it directly targets the root system of the plants. Water use is dramatically reduced while the plantings get enough nourishment. The drip system can save water up to 75 percent, which can lead to huge savings in the long run.

Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is most appropriate for landscapes with lawn areas. To be efficient, it must be designed and installed by certified professionals. They can guarantee the correct installation of each irrigation component. From identifying the right zones to choosing the right type of sprinkler heads, they can ensure a well-designed watering system.

Irrigation Systems

There are different types of irrigation systems that can be installed on your landscape. However, you must choose a system that is most appropriate to the kinds of plantings in your landscaping. Installing the wrong type can lead to undernourished lawns, withering plants, and huge water bills. You can avoid these scenarios by hiring experienced installers like us. At Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC, we will provide you with a carefully designed system that is most appropriate for your sofscaping. Our installation crews are some of the finest installers in the state, so you will be guaranteed of a properly functioning system. You are also assured of premium-quality products since we source our materials only from Toro, Hunter, and Rainbird.

If you have an expansive lawn or landscaping, an automated irrigation system is highly recommended. An automated system will make your maintenance effort easier. It can be set up in set-and-forget manner, so you can devote your time to more important tasks. In addition, this system has features that can reduce your water consumption. The basic features of an automated system include moisture sensors, timers, and water volume control system.

Let Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC handle all your irrigation needs. We can design, install, and maintain all types of irrigation systems such as sprinklers, drip-type, bubbler, and subsurface systems. Please call us now.

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