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Pest Control Shreveport, LAPest infestation is a serious lawn problem that you should resolve immediately. If neglected, it can pose health risks to you and your family. It may also cause costly damages on your lawn and other plantings on your landscape. To avoid further damage on your landscaping, you have to get the services of a pest control specialist. A professional knows the best methods to use to eradicate harmful pests and insects from your lawn or landscape.

At Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC, we have expert people who can help you control and eliminate pest infestation. They are properly trained and possess the necessary certifications to perform this task. The pest control solutions that we recommend or use are industry approved. This means that the pesticides and other methods that we use will not harm the environment. They are also guaranteed safe for pets and people. With our safe and effective solutions, your lawn will be free from any harmful pest and insect in no time. We've been offering this kind of service to residential and commercial clients in Shreveport and Bossier City, LA. If you suspect that your landscape or lawn area is infested with pests and insects, please call us now at (318) 929-5075.

Certified Pest Control Specialists

As mentioned, the best way to eradicate pests from your property is to hire certified pest control specialists. They can guarantee fast and effective control of the infestation. For example, you will get the right solutions when you hire the expert services of Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC. Our crews will perform a thorough inspection of the area to determine the type of pest infestation and extent of lawn damage. We use these information to craft appropriate solutions. Our systematic approach is effective and proven to provide positive results.

Pest Control Methods

As a property owner, you should always consider the safety of your family and the possible effects of the pesticides or insecticides that will be used on your plantings. As a precaution, always ask your service provider about the pest control methods that they adopt. Make sure that they are industry approved, safe for people, environment-friendly, and gentle to your plantings. If the products they use contain any hazardous ingredient, you have to reconsider your options. Find another service provider or request for a safer alternative.

Types of Landscape Pests

There are a lot of pests and insects that can invade your lawn or landscaping. Most of them will cause extensive damage on your plantings, so you must take this problem seriously. Some of the pests and insects that you should be wary about include the following:

  • billbugs
  • white grubs
  • cinch bugs
  • sod webworms
  • red spider mites
  • gall mites
  • leaf miner
  • box sucker
  • codling moth
  • winter moth
  • scale insect
  • white fly
  • viburnum beetle
  • vine weevil
  • sawfly larvae
  • wooly beech aphid

Choosing the Right Treatment Methods

Most treatment methods will only become effective if pests and insects are properly identified. Each type of pest requires a different method of treatment or approach. For example, the required treatment of grub infestation includes milky spore, granular pest control products, and nematodes. If the infestation is confined to a certain area in your lawn, it is best to perform spot-treatment.

For more information about our pest control services, please call our hotline. As lawn care specialists, we can bring back the beauty of your lawn and make it safer for everyone.

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