Pest Control

Pest infestation is a serious lawn problem that you should resolve immediately. If neglected, it can pose health risks to you and your family. It may also cause costly damages on your lawn and other plantings on your landscape. To avoid further damage on your landscaping, you have to get the services of a pest control specialist. A professional knows the best methods to use to eradicate harmful pests and insects from your lawn or landscape! Read more about Pest Control >>

Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs

Water is the most important element for the success of your lawns and gardens. If you have an irrigation system you should get it checked regularly for it will need maintenance and repairs to keep it running efficiently. Mark it in your calendar and get your irrigation systems check every year by a professional company like us here at Edwards & Sons Irrigation LLC! Read more about Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs >>


It is a fact that one of the most important elements to a successful lawn and gardens is of course ‘water’. With it your lawns would look dull and lifeless as would your plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. Let us come out to your property and install an irrigation system specifically for the needs of your softscapes and watch them flourish! Read more about Irrigation >>


The addition of a sprinkler system for your lawns and landscapes is a great idea. This will ensure that everything gets the right amount of water that it needs to flourish and keep your property looking its best all year round. Get the help of a professional irrigation company like Edwards & Sons Irrigation, LLC today! You will be delighted to not have to worry about watering your softscapes, it can all be set up automatically for you! Read more about Sprinklers >>

Lawn Care

There is no doubt that having beautiful green and healthy looking lawns adds a lot of appeal to any residential or commercial property. The best way to ensure you have great looking lawns all year round is to contact us today about our lawn care services. Our professionals have all the knowledge and experience necessary to make your lawns thrive all year round! Read more about Lawn Care >>

Lawn Fertilization

Is your lawn looking a bit dull and lifeless? Then perhaps it is in need of some fertilization? Get the help and advice of a professional lawn company like us here at Edwards and we will ensure that you get the best fertilizer for the type of grass you have. You can sit back and watch your lawns come back to life, looking greener and vibrant than ever before! Read more about Lawn Fertilization >>

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