Irrigation Design & Installation

Irrigation Installation Shreveport, LAMost residential property owners in Shreveport and around Bossier City have beautifully landscaped areas on their property. In addition to plants, trees and shrubs, lawns add a very lively touch to the landscape. But all these features need to be cared for on a regular basis; apart from that, they need to be watered regularly and in the right amounts. Just as less water will dry out the landscaping, excessive water will also do irrevocable harm to the softscaping on your property.

This is exactly why many property owners from Northwest Louisiana and the surrounding areas opt for our expert Irrigation Design & Installation services. We at Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC are the irrigation experts that have been in this business since 1980. Over the decades, we have worked in a consistent manner, used the best products and provided reliable services at very reasonable garden irrigation cost.

This has helped us create a very solid customer base in the region and we have a large number of repeat customers that come to us for sprinkler system upgrades, new installations as well as repairs of any older systems they had got installed from other operators. We are the experts that handle it all. We firmly believe in providing our customers high quality work. The one way to reduce the chances of problems surfacing in the irrigation installation is to ensure the Irrigation Design & Installation is carried out in an expert manner.

Custom Sprinkler Design - Things We Do Differently

We custom design irrigation systems from scratch and install them to perfection. We use the latest automated systems with sensors and this provides added convenience. These are the set & forget kind of installations that you don’t have to worry about once they have been installed well and set to a schedule that suits the turf and plantings on your property. Some property owners wonder whether it’s really necessary to get an irrigation system custom design. The answer to that is yes. This is because every property is different.

Sometime the land is graded, while at others, you may have plants and grasses with different watering needs. All these factors have to be kept in view while handling any Irrigation Design & Installation project, regardless of how small or big it is. We are very meticulous in our approach to our work.

Sprinkler Designing Process

When you call us, we come over to your property; survey the entire area that needs to be irrigated. We then understand what kind of plantings you have on your property and check the soil type too. Keeping all these aspects in view, we provide custom irrigation design plans that meet the requirements of your landscaping to perfection. Getting a sprinkler system designed for your landscape is the best way to ensure that your plantings stay looking fresh and green right through the year.

For more information, call Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC at 318-929-5075. We are a locally owned & operated company that will provide personalized services and customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget.

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