Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance Shreveport, LARegardless of how small or big your landscape is, it will have some form of irrigation. While some properties in Shreveport and around Bossier City have hose and drip irrigation systems installed, that can be a very laborious way to ensure all your plantings get the water they need, to grow healthy and stay looking fresh.

The better and more convenient alternative is to opt for automated sprinkler systems. These can be set to water the landscaping at regular intervals. We are the experts that design and install these systems to perfection. In addition, we provide excellent irrigation maintenance services. These are an essential part of any landscape service; we at Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC are one of the leading local operators in this space.

Over the last 36 years since we set up base in Shreveport, we have consistently served customers across Northwest Louisiana and the surrounding area as well. Over the years, we have built a very strong reputation for ourselves. As a niche company that handles everything related to automated sprinklers, we have developed a great deal of expertise in the field. We understand how the design and installation of these systems should be; in many ways, this provides us a very strong foundation to provide excellent, customized lawn sprinkler maintenance services.

Custom Irrigation Maintenance Plans

We provide the best irrigation maintenance plans that fit perfectly into your budget and match your requirements too. Our experts will come over to your property at the pre-decided intervals, based on the plan you have chosen. They will conduct thorough checks on all the irrigation installations on your property, including the sprinkler heads, the water lines, sensors and timers; and ensure everything is working the way it should.

In case they find that something isn’t working properly, or if they identify a potential problem, you will immediately be informed about it. Once you have given your approval for the repair, they will fix the system to your 100% satisfaction. This helps avoid more severe problems from cropping up in the future. We strongly believe that preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure that your system doesn’t stop working all of a sudden, which can be a major inconvenience.

All Types of Irrigation Maintenance

We have the expertise to provide garden irrigation maintenance services for all types of systems; we help maintain those that have been installed by us as well as ones that clients might have got installed from other operators. We have built a very strong customer base across the region and provide customized services to all our clients. You will find that our personnel are extremely professional and punctual and we focus on providing you the best solutions at the most reasonable irrigation maintenance cost.

For more information, call Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC at 318-929-5075. We are a locally owned & operated company that will provide personalized services and customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget.

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