Mosquito & Pest Control

Pest Control Shreveport, LAThe outdoor spaces of your home are a distinct value-add to your property. They add to the aesthetics and functionality of your home; you are able to create leisure zones in these areas, where you can relax with family and friends. However there are times when these spaces become unusable because of pest and mosquito infestations.

We use one of the most effective mosquito machines available, by injecting an organic solution into your sprinkler system to kill mosquitoes throughout your entire yard.

No doubt, this can completely mar the pleasure of sitting out in these open spaces and enjoying the fresh air. This is a problem that many property owners across Shreveport, Bossier City, and the surrounding areas have had to deal with. In fact, many of our customers in these areas have also complained of similar problems, in the recent past.

We at Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC handle all types of irrigation design & installation as well as maintenance and repair jobs. In addition to this, we have a great deal of expertise in providing landscape Mosquito & Pest Control solutions.

Why Insect Control Is Important

We understand exactly how worrisome it can be to have any kind of pests on your property. Not only do these pests create a nuisance, but some of them are disease-carriers too. Regardless of whether you have an active pest infestation in your garden or yard, it's important to opt for preventive pest control solutions. This helps prevent the pests from making their home on your property.

In fact, we always encourage our customers to opt for these services. It's the best way to keep your premises free of pests. We use only organic pesticides in our work and these are spread across the landscaping via the sprinkler system on your property- this ensures even distribution of the pesticide.

We are very careful with pesticide applications as excessive use can do more harm than good. Not 'only will it harm your plantings, but will create an imbalance in the soil too. It's why we make it a point to use responsibly sourced, eco-friendly insect control formulations and these are applied only at specific intervals.

Effective Garden Pest Control Solutions

We understand that every property is different and so we design custom pest control plans. These will be based on the type of plants and grasses you have on your property, the type of soil that exists there, and the age and size of the plants. We have very deep knowledge about the different types of plants and soils; and we put this knowledge to good use in our work and use highly effective pest & mosquito killer formulations.

Within just a couple of applications, you will notice that there are hardly any mosquitoes on your property. Most of these treatments have a cumulative effect; and when they are applied with regularity, you will find that your property is clear of all types of pests and insects.

For more information about our lawn pest control services, call Edwards Irrigation and Sons, LLC at 318-929-5075. We are a locally owned & operated company that provides personalized services and customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget.

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